Alpha Conferences & Exhibitions is an LLC ( DMC ) ( MICE ) Com. HQ in Jeddah – Saudi Arabia with regional offices in Jordan and Bahrain , and strategic partnerships with sister companies Domestic and around the world .We seek to enrich local and international business by creating futuristic pioneering events and meetings throughout the year. The company was established on a foundation of uniqueness, passion, loyalty and mutual human growth.

Our expertise lies in organizing and carrying out interactive conferences that provide ample networking opportunities for delegates, sponsors and partners. Our events create micro-market areas for developers, investors, suppliers and policy-makers to meet, conduct business and develop partnerships. Our strong relationships with major chains, and governmental figures and conference centers have evolved over many years of working in the industry of event-planning; The result is a well-earned distinctive edge in securing the best services for our clients.


To achieve international best practices in creating professional developmental, economic, tourism, and social events.


To be a local company with international standards, an Arabian identity and a lively inspiring spirit.


To create impactful and meaningful conferences , exhibitions and events with one of a kind facades and tailored content both locally and internationally.


Our expertise lies in organizing and executing powerful effective events and festivities that provide an opportunity for all relevant attendees , sponsors and effective partners to communicate. We create rare, innovative, creative opportunities that attract developers, investors, exporters and decision makers.


Our company’s and owners’ long history of tangible results has set us apart. In addition to our relationships and commitment to the Earth, humanity and home that has grown with the prosperity, heritage and history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which has built bridges to the entire world and as such has become a beacon for dialogue, hub for business, development and events. Moreover, our conviction towards the value of life, business, and achievement as an integral part of development. Our commitment to go over and beyond and provide only the best services to our clients wherever their destination and whatever the expectations and origins, we communicate with passion to foster a more inclusive world.


In the last 25 years we have created strong ties in tourism, hospitality and events with robust working relationships with government bodies and officials, conference centers, event creators and planners. Our unique initiatives set us apart from our competitors due to our best practices, loyalty, transparency, unwavering quality, and extreme attention to every detail regardless of the size of the event.

Founder & Partners

Saeed Assiri


Mr. Saeed Al Assiri is considered a pioneer in the tourism industry mainly in the Gulf region, and is regarded not only as an entrepreneur, but also as a persevering and ambitious businessman. He is one of the main founders of the tourism industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His initiatives have made their mark at prominent and innovative events in the region.

Ali Al Nazih


Mr. Ali Al Nazih is an expert in the field of hotels. Hospitality management and he brought a great contribution for the real estate development in KSA. He is holder of the first Master’s degree in tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our events create micro-market areas for developers, investors, suppliers and policy-makers to meet, conduct business and develop partnerships.

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